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Rebecca Feldman received her BFA in Fibers and Materials with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Temple University in May 2021. Her work is driven by whimsical, elegant and evoking periods of art such as Baroque and Rococo. She has an affinity for tulle and a passion for creating large, sweeping works of art. Her work has been exhibited at the Pelham Art Gallery in New York as well as the New Rochelle Public Library. She's also participated in the annual Wearable Art Show at the Tyler School of Art where she's showcased some of her statement pieces. She interned for the English Theater of Rome while abroad in the Fall of 2019 and worked within their costume department, playing a crucial role in the development and creation of costumes for performances. Recently, she received the Fibers and Materials Award upon graduation for her excellence in Fibers. Rebecca currently interns at The Danes NYC, a luxury fashion brand that specializes in evening wear and bridal as a Fashion Design Intern.

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